At Neenah Electric Tattoo Quality and safety are our top priority. We have experienced artists who provide expert advice to give you the best possible outcome for your next tattoo idea. Big or small, we can provide you with a top notch tattoo in a clean, comfortable, and safe environment. Check out our artists work and contact them directly to schedule your next appointment!

Jake Davel

Jake Davel has been tattooing professionally since 2008. After nearly 10 years in the industry Jake has developed the skills necessary to produce tattoos in all styles. From watercolor, portraits, soft black and grey, or bold color images, Jake enjoys creating in all styles! Check out his portfolio and contact him directly to setup an appointment.

Bobb Leary

Bobb Leary boasts nearly 15 years of professional tattooing. Bobb is also a veteran of the US ARMY and has spent time deployed in Iraq. Well versed in every style, Bobb can custom design any tattoo that you desire. Fancy free hand cursive script, black and grey, or full color pieces are just some of the areas Bobb will exceed your expectations! Contact him directly for appointments.